School Teacher

Just a note to thank you for a product that really delivers as promised.  The ChatterVox has saved my vocal cords, and allows me to teach three college courses each day without crashing and burning.  The batteries are staying charged not only through my long day, but also through several days, before needing a recharge.

Even going up to the board is a 'no-brainer'.  NO feedback at all.  I do tend to spin the ChatterVox around to the back as I continue writing on the board, so the speaker is facing the class, but I do not necessarily worry about feedback if I fail to do so.

Thank you ChatterVox.  I feel my money was well spent. (As an aside… I tried a less expensive version of a mic before this product.  It promised to stay charged for eight hours. It did not make it through even one of my college courses, and then needed eight hours to recharge.  THAT was a complete waste of my money! By comparison, that was a toy, and this product is a professional mic.)

(From the City University of New York)

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my ChatterVox. I am a children's librarian in an elementary school, so I use my voice all day long. Five years ago, my vocal chords became inflamed, and doctors and speech therapists were unable to help. My speech therapist told me about ChatterVox, and the rest is history. I love that my machine is so durable and lightweight. The therapist was very impressed with the tone and quality of its vocal reproduction. The long and short of it is, that ChatterVox saved my career because at 56, I was just not ready to give up a job that I love. Oops, did I mention that the company not only offers a great product at a fair price, but that they offer wonderful service should you need it.

(From Charlestown, MA)

I have wanted to thank you for the ChatterVox for over a year now. Each and every day I enjoy the help of my portable voice amplifier as I teach my beginning band students.

A vocal music teacher in our school district introduced ChatterVox to me. She started using it after her surgery for nodes on her vocal cords. I thought that I might buy one so that I could prevent vocal nodules. I told her that I would plan on using it when I had a sore throat or cold. Her exact words to me after I said that were, “Oh, you can try that…but you’ll end up using it every day, all day long!” She was right.

The students can hear my voice as I play a piano accompaniment. I do not need to stop instruction as often with the device. Many students have commented that “my voice sounds nice with the microphone.”

Before ChatterVox I went home to my family at the end of the work day with little voice. My daughter knew the routine…when family members called to chat with me, she told them that “I was on voice rest.” The vocal fatigue was the major factor in causing my overall fatigue at the end of the day.

With Chattervox, my voice is unaffected by the constant voice use each day. I have energy at the end of the work day! I was at a restaurant the other night with family members, and one of my sisters said, “It sure is nice that you can talk to us now during the school year…I’ve noticed that your voice is strong - that ‘thing’ is really working!”

As far as the cost…the ChatterVox is worth every cent. When other teachers ask me about it, I tell them that it’s “worth its weight in gold.”

Thank you!

(From Omaha, NE)

Quiet, Whisper Speech (Parkinsons, ALS, Vocal Cord Nodules, throat cancer, etc.)

This is a wholehearted recommendation for your product, the ChatterVox. It has changed the life of a friend of mine. Here is a brief outline of why and how he uses your product.

Through one of the volunteer organizations I belong to, I have become friends with a gentleman who is paralyzed from the neck down with advanced MS. He talks at best in a whisper and is very hard to understand even if you are only several feet away from him. It is very frustrating for both he and the people who are trying to hear him communicate. Since he is paralyzed from the neck down there is no other way for him to use other electronics to help him communicate.

I have 26 years of audiovisual production and technical experience. I am also a dealer for many brands of professional audio gear like Shure, Sennheiser, Electro-voice and JBL I set about designing an amplified system that could help this gentleman effectively communicate with people. Every combination I came up with was too big, bulky and awkward for him or his aids to easy use. After doing some additional research on-line I cam across your website. I decide to call your company to find out more. I was surprised at how quickly you called back and the amount of time you spent with me over the phone discussing my specific application and needs. Even though you sounded knowledgeable over the phone I still had my doubts. I was skeptical as the price seemed almost too low for something I hoped would be good quality, durable and offer at least some improvement to help this gentleman. Boy was I wrong.

Your unit was shipped promptly and when it arrived I charged it overnight. The next morning I went over to my friends house to give it a try. Within minutes I could clearly hear him speaking. His eyes lit up like I have never seen. Your ChatterVox unit is truly amazing. The speaker unit, though very small and unobtrusive is very well built and delivers an amazing amount of volume for it's size and weight. The fact that it can run all day on one charge is surprising. The mic (we are using the optional neck mic) offers excellent quality and is very directional minimizing the amount of feedback for the low level it can pick up. It rivals some of the best professional directional mics that I buy and sell through my dealership.

You have no idea how happy my friend is now. For the past five years he has had trouble talking to people. Now he can sit amongst a whole group of people at a meeting and effectively communicate. He can sit at a table in a fairly noisy restaurant and laugh and joke with other people at the table and place his own order with the waiter. He can call to one of his aids in another room if he needs something. Everyone can hear and clearly understand him. He says that the ChatterVox has changed his life. I also agree that it has. Below is a card his aide has written for him to send to the guys who pitched in for the unit.

Thanks to you and your product. I highly recommend it and hope other people take advantage of it.

Kind Regards,

(from Cleveland, Ohio)

Experience with voice amplification 

As a person with Parkinson’s, my speech has become weaker and more gravelly or hoarse sounding.  At a recent meeting of the New England section of a American Parkinson’s Disease Association, I saw the ChatterVox on exhibit.  I bought one and took it home to experiment with it.  One of my hesitations is the feeling that I would look strange and receive an adverse reaction.  To my surprise, this did not happen, although, most everyone was curious.  I was frequently asked if I were a football coach or a radio announcer or conference organizer. 

The system consists of a mic attached to the users head which connects by wire to a pouch worn around the waist.  The pouch contains the speaker, battery and volume control.  The position of the mic in relationship to the users mouth is very important.  It has been designed to amplify the users speech and not that of others.  The mic is connected to a flexible wire to the support to the head.  Some practice is needed to reposition the mic each time the it is used.  I have found that it is useful most of the time on a day to day basis.  It eliminated the problem of people asking me “What did you just say?”

Particularly useful applications I have found are: 

  1. Ordering in a restaurant
  2. Shopping
  3. Arranging car servicing
  4. Getting instructions
  5. Teaching
  6. Communication while in a car

 It is particularly useful when making presentations because the speaker can be heard throughout a typical classroom.  Also, the system is portable so that the speaker can move around as the microphone remains in a fixed position in the front of the mouth.

I have been asked by people who have talked to me using the ChatterVox, to be sure to bring it when we get together again. I have contrary to my expectations; I not have not had any adverse reactions to the ChatterVox.  So far, it’s been a very positive experience and plan to continue using it.


It is a high quality amplifying system and has greatly improved my communications with others.  Using a  telephone on a speaker phone setting works out very well too.

I am planning to use it a great deal in the future. 


(From a retired Emeritus Professor at the University of Massachusetts) 

College Campus Tours or Tour Guides

When I first started at (a major state college), I inherited large speaker boxes for my students to use on tours.  They hated them!  Still seeing a need for them, especially in the spring when we have busy daily visits.  Last summer I bought a ChatterVox to try out with my students.  The test was successful, so I bought 10 more ChatterVox systems.  After showing my students how easy they are to use (1- put on the speaker amplifier belt, 2- put on the microphone, 3- plug in the microphone to the amplifier, and 4- turn on the speaker box) it has spread like wildfire.  My students now love using them so much that they use them with small tour groups as well!

I look forward to seeing you in TN in 2015!  J

(From a major state college)

I received your VM and the ChatterVox works well for us with our stadium tour program. Our guides typically use it when we have groups 20+ and they work great.

(From Tampa Bay Rays)

Yes, we do use them at our ballpark and they work really well.  The headsets are comfortable to wear and the device is very easy to use.  The microphone is very sensitive which is great for our tour guide's presentation.

(From AT&T Park)

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the non-profit partner of the National Park Service at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, runs a very successful program called the Alcatraz Night Tour. Five nights a week, rain or shine, we conduct Interpretative public tours on Alcatraz Island for as many as 600 park visitors each night. Since October 2006 we have utilized the ChatterVox sound system with great success. The sound quality and durability of the equipment have exceeded our expectations. Our public tour participants can more easily hear our guides. The guides themselves have benefited by experiencing less stress on their vocal cords. On several occasions tour participants have identified themselves as professional tour guides and asked us for information about our ChatterVox equipment. We expect to continue to use our ChatterVox equipment for many years to come. Congratulations on developing such a fine and useful product.

(From Alcatraz)

Auctioneers, Trade Shows, Coaching

I have been teaching aqua aerobics, usually from the deck, for the past 17 years. Unfortunately, although my class numbers are huge, many clubs won't spring for a microphone for aqua instructors! I decided to purchase my own, since I teach so much. I also give training lectures for other instructors, and it is very useful for that, as well. I have been SO pleased with the ChatterVox mic. It is easy to travel with, easy to use, and my students can hear my valuable cueing and words of wisdom. Not to mention, saving my vocal cords! I highly recommend convincing your club director to get you a mic from ChatterVox.

(From aqua aerobics coach in Phoeniz, Arizona)

Business Presentations

I purchased a ChatterVox in the early spring of 2004, and since then have used it literally hundreds of times. In these five-plus years, my ChatterVox has helped me deliver Escape School® presentations and Veterans Service Organization seminars to well over 50,000 people…without a hitch.

I can’t recall ever having—and constantly using—any other piece of equipment so reliable, so dependable, so well-constructed and so virtually foolproof. To tell the truth, I really don’t expect ever to come across another tool so infallible.

I have told a number of associates about the ChatterVox, and wouldn’t hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect personal PA system—and hesitant to spend the usual thousand dollars or so for such a system. For a small fraction of that amount, one can have the most efficient and effective audio device available at any price.

Thanks for the ChatterVox, and for restoring my dwindling faith in technology as well as in contemporary manufacturing quality. 

(From New York)

I am an executive and a single mother of a pre-schooler. Like everyone, I need my voice. Especially with a child that has ADHD and no father. I don't get a vocal break. After a surgery last year, I ended up with a paralyzed vocal chord. I sang a lot. People loved my voice - my son, especially. That is gone. I spoke with my child a lot. I valued the quality of my parenting through the feedback and instruction I was guiding my child with every step of the way. That is highly diminished.

For two months before vocal chord surgery, I whispered stories to him. I felt horrible about this. I would say all of the time, "Mommy's voice hurts. I'm not talking to you because my voice hurts, not because I don't love you." Every time I said that it would break my heart because I knew my child was getting the short end of the stick. After vocal chord surgery, I still have to say this - almost every day. I can read stories at a moderate volume, but nonetheless, at some point almost every day I have to tell him, "Honey, I can't use words right now because my voice hurts" ... unless I am using my ChatterVox. We call it "my speaker".

I can not even tell you the way ChatterVox has improved the quality of our relationship.

  • I could not speak with him in the car - driving is a great time for conversation but the ambient noise too much to overcome. My child got used to this and tuned into his books on CD. The moment I put my ChatterVox on and the speaker on the console, WOW, he started talking and asking questions right away. I couldn't believe it. One piece of normalcy was back. Most importantly, he was loving the interaction with mommy.
  • If there is a play date at our house, I automatically put on my ChatterVox because I know I will lose my voice even with one additional tot around.
  • I only wish I had purchased my ChatterVox prior to my child's birthday party. I told my sister she would be my voice - and even speaking quietly I COMPLETELY blew my voice for 3 days. I didn't have my ChatterVox then and how silly I was. I will be wearing it at sports games, etc in the future. The good news is that the mike looks cool - like performers wear on stage.
  • Let's dial back. I learned about ChatterVox from my Speech Pathologist weeks after surgery. I have done a ton of public speaking with lav microphones and know quality sound when I hear it. It sounded pretty cool. Still I hesitated and did not buy ChatterVox for another four months. I'm sure it is similar to the resistance my mother had when she realized she needed a hearing aid. Think about it: In the case of disabilities or disorders, when the solution is not in place, everyone suffers. In the case of a hearing aid, mom needs to say, "What?" 50,000 times, it drives us crazy, we then tune her out, she loses out on our response and conversation and everyone loses. On the other hand, everyone wins when a solution is in place.

    The same for those of us whose "voice hurts". It stinks. I resent that this has happened. I sang for audiences. People said I should have my own talk show. I was aware of my vocal quality, and the benefit of giving my child some of the benefits voice, in general, had to offer. Unless some miracle, high-tech treatment develops, all I have is one operating vocal chord.

    Luckily I have maintained my career as an executive. I started with a new company and a different voice. What prompted my purchase of ChatterVox was knowing I would be giving presentations. It just so happens that my first presentation was to the Board of Directors of a $10B corporation. I couldn't afford to lose my voice during this - the big kahuna of all presentations. So on top of my pastel blue Armani jacket (it was not black to hide the speaker) was my ChatterVox. I did not apologize for wearing it. Never apologize. My line was, "I'll be using this because Bette Midler got my volume genes". Within two seconds everything was as completely normal as could be. During the presentation, the company President walked in who I had met once, he looked, then got right into the discussion. I was convinced that he, and others who walked in late, saw it as a microphone that would be a part of any large presentation. I made it through the two hour presentation and a voice for the rest of the day...to spend with my child.

    I also use my ChatterVox for small group meetings. Even with 4 people around a small table, I use it. Before I put it on they will say they hear me fine. And they do. I just know that if I have to strain in the least bit I will pay the price. More importantly, my child will pay a bigger price when I return home from work. So I put on my headset and put the speaker in the middle of the table and it feels *great* not to have to strain one bit.

    The quality of the speaker I describe as "Bose" quality for those of you who have heard Bose speakers. They are bar none. I know my vocal quality is 10x better with the speaker because I don't have to strain in any way and people are hearing what true vocal quality I have left - not strained vocal quality. Also, there is not one bit of worry in my mind about the way I will be heard, I'm not preoccupied about whether I sound crackly or not, etc etc.

    I also believe that wearing ChatterVox shows you have confidence. I believe others perceive this - that you can wear this thing and operate as naturally as possible. I'm sure they are thinking, "Wow, she wears that so naturally. How cool." One other event I've used it for recently is managing the move of my household goods. It's me (single homeowner) and 3 moving guys screaming out where to pack what, where to put what, etc. - I couldn't have done this and survived vocally for 10 minutes with our ChatterVox.

    So, the folks at Chattervox have provided me a tool to be in the world as normally as possible. The charge lasts 14 hours - how incredible is that? It's so natural, both you and others around you forget that it's on. The most important thing is that they hear you and you don't need to feel like you have a handicap.

    (From Laura in New York)

    My Story:

    3 years ago I lost 75% of my voice volume and quality due to complications from an upper respiratory infection.  My voice has been a critical part of my career as an HR professional.  If you can not talk, how can you help people resolve issues, manage projects and programs and deal with the everyday challenges and opportunities, especially when you are used to talking.  I found myself with a long-term prognosis, and no known resources to connect with.  My company was more than willing to do what they could, but they did not know where to start. 

    I started with the web – I found out as much as I could about the condition and what made it worse and what made it better – rest, rest, rest and eliminating stress on the vocal cords was the treatment.  So, I could I continue to work and not talk or significantly reduce the stress on my voice.  I work for a technology company and working with them, I have two types of text to voice translators, my staff and I have learned basic sign language skills but both of those tools did not allow me to communication with most people or they were so difficult to use in the working environment that it did not take long for me to abandon them and start talking again.  Then I found ChatterVox

    ChatterVox has allowed me the freedom to take my voice anywhere, I still have to manage the stress and limit my talking, but my being able to talk in a soft voice and use the volume control to suit the environment, I am back leading teams, meeting employees, teaching classes and adding value.  At one point I was afraid I was going to lose my job or worse, lose my voice for good.  I really believe that with all the other technology offered today, the simple to use and wear ChatterVox has had the biggest impact on my being able to deal with my voice limitations.  In addition, the customer service and support has been phenomenal – I have never had any issues with the product and when I have needed replacement or additional hardware, the staff is amazing and so knowledgeable about uses, types of mics, and sensitivity to keeping the product as inconspicuous as possible.  I am so grateful to the team that has helped me.  Thanks so much!


    (From Colorodo Springs, Colorado)

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate my ChatterVox system.  I have been using it since 2009, and its been such a big help with my events, particularly birthday parties.  Its comfortable to wear and doesn't get in the way of me performing.  Most importantly, amplifying my voice gives me much better control over the parties.  I have seen my bookings increase 40% since I began using it.  Parents tell me they feel its very professional, and I stand out since other entertainers in my area tend not to use microphones at birthday parties.  I highly recommend the chattervox!

    (From Boston, MA)